Meet Our Support Team

Countryside Veterinary Hospital LLC's Support Team


arlene.jpgArlene Roy, CVT

Practice Manager

Arlene Roy, Certified Veterinary Technician, Hospital Manager has been involved in veterinary medicine since she was 13 when she started volunteering at her local veterinary hospital in Southbury, CT. Arlene attended the University of Connecticut at Storrs and then transferred to the State University of New York at Delhi. She graduated from Delhi with an Associate's Degree in Animal Health Technology and was awarded the "Highest Academic Achievement Award" for her graduating class. After an externship at Cornell University's large animal hospital she came back to Connecticut to join a large animal practice. Arlene has been working in veterinary hospitals ever since, except for a few years working in a medical laboratory. In 2001 Arlene joined the staff of Countryside Veterinary Hospital as their hospital manager.

Arlene lives in Seymour with her husband and their menagerie of pets. There's 'Meritage'-a rescue black lab and 'Riesling'- a German Short Haired Pointer.  In her spare time Arlene loves to spend time with her family, horseback ride, visit her family's cabin in Maine, bowl, garden, and play tennis.

Arlene loves helping animals and being their advocate because they can't speak for themselves. One of her favorite memories is saving 7 kittens and their mom from being put to sleep and later adopting all of them to great homes. Two of whom are named 'Thumper' and 'TLC' and are part of Arlene's household. 


christina.jpgChristina Dudeff, CVT

Technician Team Leader

Title: Certified Veterinary Technician

Joined team: September 1998

Graduated from Delhi College: May 2002, Associate's Degree Animal Health Technology

Pets: "Hilti' and "Milwaukee"- both chocolate labs

Hobbies: shopping, being with friends, and scrap booking

Favorite thing about my job: being able to help the helpless

Favorite Hospital Memory: We found a cat that was left in a carrier outside our hospital one night with FIV, severe leg trauma, and overall very ill. We were able to nurse him back to health after many months of treatment and care and find him a wonderful home with a new family.

debra.JPGDebra Cotter

Joined Team: March 2008

stacey.jpgStacey Bartomeli


Joined team: March 2010

Pets: 'Sam' (father) and 'Knox' (son) -two German Shepherds, who are my everything!

Hobbies: hiking, family time, traveling, cooking, reading and more. I honestly love to try as much as I can in this world!

Favorite thing about my job: I love that the staff and clients are like family doing anything we can to help!

Jessica Brauer

Appointment Technician

Joined team: July 2013

Pets: "Polar" & "Ringo" (both are Shiba Inu), a great dane "Coal", and four cats named "Henry", "Charlotte", "Delilah" and "Kitten Little"

Favorite thing about my job: Helping cats and dogs that are sick

Favorite Hospital Memory: I enjoy having rewarding relationships with owners and their pets

Morgan Sekellick


Joined the team: July 2014

Pets: "Wrangler" a 7 year old Pitbull and "Thea" a year and a half American Bulldog/Pitbull mix

Hobbies: Bass fishing and hiking with my dogs

Favorite Thing About my Job: Watching the puppies and kittens grow into healthy adults and working with such fun people

Favorite Hospital Memory: The nail trim fundraiser! It's a good feeling to be able to help people in need.

Tammy Pjatak


Joined team: July 2015

Pets: A 7 year old German Shepherd named "Hemi" (her baby)

Hobbies: Gardening, Shopping and Spending time outdoors with my husband, Andrew, and Hemi

Favorite thing about my job: Helping sick animals feel better and seeing happy tail wags. And of course puppies and kittens make my day.

Favorite Hospital Memory: The nail trim fundraiser. It was really nice seeing our clients come in to help donate and the staff staying late to help out as well for a great cause.

Client Service Representatives

Carrie Bartomeli

Client Service Representative Team Leader

Joined team: July 2015

Pets: 2 dogs. A catahoula named "Nahla" and a catahoula/lab mix named "Lilo"

Hobbied: Camping, long walks with the dogs, painting, reading & doing anything crafty

Favorite thing about my job: Meeting and seeing the puppies grow up and meeting so many people.

Favorite hospital memory: I like that at all of our staff meetings we end with "good things" which is when we acknowledge each other for their help or share a happy story.

chrissy.jpgChrissy Corra

Client Service Representative

Joined Team: July 2003

Pets: two cats named 'Baron' and 'Vito'

Hobbies: Cars, Trucks & Bikes. Interior decorating, shopping & cooking

Favorite thing about my job: Working with such talented and knowledgeable doctors.

Favorite Hospital Memory: All of the doctors helping an elderly man's cat that wasn't able to urinate because of a blockage then charging him barely anything.     

jennifer.jpgJennifer Dahlstrand

Client Service Representative

Joined Team: February 2005

Pets: 2 cats named 'Jasper' and 'Jasmine'

Hobbies: Spending time with friends, reading, scrap booking and outdoor activities

Favorite thing about my job: The people I work with- we are a family. Also, the smiles and tail wags from our clients and their pets is really fulfilling

Favorite Hospital Memory: There was a car accident in front of our hospital and a dog named 'Stella' jumped out of the car and took off. Several staff members, especially Sara, came back every night to look for her. Finally she came walking out of the woods one night like it was no big deal. We were all very happy and relieved!     

steph.jpgStephanie Hawker

Client Service Representative & Appointment Technician

Joined team: May 2011

Pets: Russell, Lola, Lucy, Jessie and 8 chickens

Favorite thing about my job: Being able to help sick animals and console owners during the difficult times

Favorite Hospital Memory: Helping a sweet, young Chihuahua find a new, loving home after her family was unable to keep her

holly.JPGMrs. Holly Ann Kerns

Bookkeeper (and part time gardener, baker, and 'gopher')

Joined Team: Before there was a team. As the founder's wife I was present at the property closing in May of 1994. During that first summer of renovation Bruce and I did much of the finishing work ourselves including painting the exterior from top to bottom.

Pets: Presently there are 'Miss Sadie' our rather loud 1/2 Australian Shepard 1/2 Labrador Retriever mix,  our baby boy long-haired cat 'Maverick,' and a tank of fish.

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, soccer, and always seeing the goodness in people
Favorite thing about my job: Planting the garden in the spring and bringing in cakes on coworkers' birthdays.

Favorite Hospital Memory: During our grand opening "Open House" my grandmother arrived in her wheel chair to see our hospital. A wheel chair and her failing health were not going to keep her away. She was so happy and proud to see what Bruce and I had built. She instantly became the hostess for the rest of the afternoon talking to our new clients and welcoming our guests. She is gone now, but her love and life energy is still very present within our walls.     


Chelsea Edwards

Hospital Support

Joined team: June 2016

Pets: 2 dogs named Gatsby and Casper

Favorite thing about my job: Working with all the animals and learning from the doctors about the causes and symptoms of animal cases

Favorite Hospital Memory: Adopting Casper from one of our clients

Nicholas McNamara

Hospital Support

Joined team: June 2015

Pets: One dog, a shih tzu named "Daphne"

Hobbies: I like to take pictures, work out, hike, bike, blog and read

Favorite thing about my job: All the great people I get to work with. We are all one big family that works together greatly. Also all the cute animals that come in.

Favorite hospital memory: Trying to pick a favorite is difficult because everyday is a different memory. Being able to watch our amazing doctors and vet techs help animals everyday is truly a great experience.